what will you see?


Close Up

Break the ice with this unique form of entertainment!

Perfect for cocktail parties and receptions, Timothy James will mingle with your guests and amaze them with unbelievable sleight of hand without disturbing the flow of your event. Nothing is more memorable than having the magic happen in your own hands.  Imagine a deck of cards changing into a solid block of glass, a borrowed coin growing ten times its size, and a metal spoon melting by the power of thought!


Add some variety to a day full of meetings and bring the  crowds energy up!

This is a formal show perfect for office parties, hospitality suites, or even your own home.

Bowling balls appear from nowhere, drawings come to life, and audience members come together to predict the future!  Timothy even teaches the audience one of the secrets of magic, taking the audience through the trick step by step...and still manages to fool them!


End your banquet with a bang!

The stage show is a larger scale act, suitable for banquet halls and theater settings.

This is a full evening show that Timothy tours with at performing art centers across the U.S. and Canada.  It runs 45-90 minutes in length and can even include other fantastic guest artists.